All About Dupion Silk, Its History, And Uses

    Silk is associated with luxury for thousands of years. The fabric symbolizes luxury, refinement, and sensuality in everything from the emperor’s robes to the concubine’s scarves. Of course, all of this is still true today, but we can now add Dupion vegan silks to the list! Silk is a biodegradable substance that dyes … Read more

Silk Fabrics types to choose the Best

Silk has enticed people for a long time with its lustrous beauty and silky smooth feel. Silks are typically opulent, light- to medium-weight fabrics with a beautiful sheen. The most refined and most delicate larvae obtained from the cocoons of silk-producing worms and insects weave together to form the most pleasing and most delicate texture. … Read more

How to care Vintage fabrics?

Proper care maintains the preserves the authenticity of your vintage fabrics. How you wash, dry iron, and store your pieces will determine their value and how long they last. Be careless with them, and they won’t even last a year. Fabrics care is an important aspect. Here are a few tips on caring for your … Read more