About Us

Avadh Textil has been supplying textiles for Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Yachts & Laundries. Today, you will find our products in many of the top rated Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Yachts & Laundries around Europe. Major Hotel chains & Yacht owners trust us to provide the exceptional guest experiences for which they are famous. You’ve been asking how you can get our products for your Hotels, Yachts and we’re excited to oblige — in fact, we think it is our responsibility. Our finest quality product collections are available to you to decorate your Hotels & Yachts to surprise your customers with exceptional comfort.

The company concept was brought to life by CEO Gagan Srivastava, since 1991 operating in the fashion and textile business. The strong and grounded know-how was enriched over the years spent travelling all over the world at the constant research for new markets and business scenarios. Avadh Textil gives the best service to its clients.

Our main motto & strength are our satisfied clients.

Highly networked with European Top Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Retail Chains & Laundries along with Yacht Owners. We also deliver all Textiles directly from India to our Clients.

Avadh Textil has presented a wide range of natural fabrics collection for Boats, Yachts, Hotels, Resorts & Laundries. We had more than 275  pleased customers  from Central  & western Europe

Why Avadh Textil?

  • Reliable
  • Good Quality
  • Own Production
  • Timely delivery
  • Flexible
  • Excellent service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Rich more than 3 decades of domain experience